Monday, 2 July 2007

Separated Out


I guess you could sort of count this one as "important" too, and so I shouldn't be doing it already, but whatever. I stole its name, I thought I should give it the courtesy of early admission too. I'll make up for it by doing a b-side or something tomorrow, OK?

"Separated Out" is all about celebrating the life of the outsider, the freak, the anorak. The Marillion fan. It illustrates this point by featuring a few samples from cult 1930's film Freaks (I know, I know, you can read the sidenotes on the lyrics page too) and such stellar lines as "Am I enough of a freak/To be worth paying to see?" and, my personal favourite, "Everything I told you, including this/I already forgot". It's another one of those big, dumb rock songs we talked about earlier, but unlike that one, this one's pretty fun to listen to, if you're in the right mood. I speak from experience when I say that being in a room full of hundreds of other freaks certainly helps you get into that mood, which is why this is one of their live staples, despite not actually being all that great on record.

And then there's "If you like I'll tell you about it/You wouldn't want to know" which quite excellently encapsulates the dilemma that I'm sure anyone who is a fan of anything at all has faced at some point in there lives; you want to shout your love out from the rooftops, you want everyone in the world to know about this wonderful thing that you have discovered, but in all likelihood, they won't understand and all you'll get is funny looks. Which is where yesterday's entry comes in: "They'll laugh at you anyway/So why don't you stand up and be beautiful?" See, there is a plan here. Yeah, right.

We accept her one of us, we accept her one of us, gooble gobble, gooble gobble, WE ACCEPT HER WE ACCEPT HER

Video: Separated Out (Live from Forum, London, 5/12/2005)
Poor quality, and only the first two minutes, but dude! I was THERE!

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