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From the band's sophomore album, Fugazi, which is not named for the band, who formed a few years after the album was released, or vice versa; both took the word from the Vietnam war, it stands for "Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In". It's by far their least accessible album, with Fish taking his lyrical cryptography to the extreme and the band pairing it with some decidedly unsettling music.

"Assassing" (says Fish: "Why I put the ‘g' on the end remains a mystery to me!") is the opening track, and sets the mood quite nicely with some arrythmic sitar twangs before marching forth inexorably forward in the general direction of nightmares. It'll take a couple of tracks to reach the really good ones, so I hope you're well packed. Much like the rest of Fugazi, I'm pretty much clinging to whatever floatsom of comprehensibility I can find in the sea of fever dreams and LSD; the venomously spat "my friend"s at the end of every line are my main handholds here. If you can find them and grip on tight Fugazi is a hell of a ride, but chances are you'll get lost along the way.

Hilariously, this song was released as a single, which hilariously reached number 22, and was, most hilariously of all, accompanied by the following video. Nothing else in the world could possibly have dated as badly as this.

Video: Assassing
"Tonight's winner is Derek W. Dick, with a Krypton Factor of 45!"

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