Sunday, 22 July 2007

Pseudo Silk Kimono


Yesterday's entry was abducted by dark wizards. I was too late to recover it in time, but nonetheless, through strength and perseverance, they were defeated and shall not be darkening our path ever again.

Anyway, let's put away such childish things and talk about the introduction to an album about childish things. There's something incredibly sinister about the keyboard riff in this one, especially the little stop-start thing it does between the two verses. It's not helped by the lyrics, which appear to be detailing some sort of ritualistic summoning of Fish's inner child. I like some of the imagery, "bracelets of smoke" in particular, but damn, it's creepy.

It's basically just something weird as hell to throw you off initially so that the (hitherto unheard of in this band) smash pop hits that follow feel even more out of left field. And to set the general tone of the album and integrate said hits, because without this one, they'd feel totally jammed on all "Here's your radio shit, now can we get on with our wanky prog concept album please?". I mean, it doesn't totally take that feeling away, but it certainly does a good job of diluting it.

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