Wednesday, 25 July 2007



Fish's favourite song from his seven years with the band, apparently (or at least, it was in '97, and ten years of reflection time is probably enough to reach a fairly concrete conclusion). Not that I ever had any illusions otherwise, but this demonstrates that he and I are very different men; it's one of the Fugazi tracks that I absolutely cannot get my head around, for the most part.

It's got the same sort of Arabian vibe as "Assassing" going on, which I really dig. "No flower to place before this gravestone" is quite possibly the most fantastically poetic description of masturbation I have ever seen (and, trust me on this, in the context of the verse, that meaning is clear. A lot moreso than most of the lyrics in this song, at any rate). I love the tone of whatever instrument is whistling along in the background in the "You who wiped me from your memory like a greasepaint mask" bit, I think it might be a keyboard pretending to be a flute.

I have to talk about little snippets like that, because... that's all I've got. I really can't see the forest for the trees. The vast majority of this song is thoroughly impenetrable to me, and believe me, I have tried. To penetrate, I mean. No, that last sentence fragment was not necessary, and neither was this'n.

Video: Incubus (live)
"What the fuck? seriously is this even music its so fucking boring. those anybody know the meaning of music?"

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Iain F said...

Oh god, YouTube comments.
I scrolled through about 15 pages of these before I managed to stop myself, weirdly hypnotic