Saturday, 28 July 2007



Had the band bothered to release any singles from (or being more generous, perhaps that should read 'been in a position where single releases from would serve any purpose'), it's fairly safe to assume this would have been the first; it appears as an easter egg on the EMI Singles Collection DVD, and it's just generally one of the most instantly catchy songs they've ever recorded.

Lyrically, it's a fairly unimpressive piece of "you make your own happiness" life affirmation, with a little bit of vague anti-celebrity sentiment ("They sold their friends to get ahead/They do therapy instead"), directed at no one in particular and thrown in for no good reason that I can see. But the energy packed into every other aspect of the song gives the fairly trite words a lot more power than they reasonably seem like they ought to have. We get what we want if we really want it, and judging by their performance here, these guys really want it.

It's just a shame the total performance energy quota for .com wasn't greater, because evidently this one wonderful burst really cost the rest of the album dearly.

Video: Deserve
The DVD easter egg, which I guess makes it the official music video in the alternate universe where this was a top ten hit. It would seem a lot less out of place there than half of their actual top ten hits, that's for sure.

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